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Individual coaching

with Sonia McIndoe

One on one coaching 
with bariatric specialist
Life Coach, Sonia McIndoe

Get ready to really drill down into those self limiting beliefs, change your relationship with food and create new personalised actions just for you.

Why Individual Coaching?
One on one coaching with Sonia will help you sort out WHY YOU used food to self soothe in the first place. Then together you’ll join the dots and get crystal clear clarity.

If you’ve got the basic fundamentals and tools sorted, you may be ready to ensure those unhealthy habits & self sabotaging thoughts and behaviours are sorted once and for all with the final piece of the puzzle.

The deep dive into your personal limiting beliefs, which Sonia calls our ‘Swamp’ often needs professional guidance and support. To untangle our issues and then unpack our limiting beliefs is key to gaining clarity and making transformational changes for long term sustainable success.


Gentle coaching
Sonia will walk this important journey with you, coaching you exactly where you’re at and lead you gently to who & where you want to be.

Sonia uses her extensive experience and knowledge to provide you with the exact tools and resources you need at any particular time.

Personalised just for you
Individual coaching is totally bespoke and incredibly effective.

Together, you will reach your goals, and expand your toolbox with the methods, strategies and techniques that really work best for you.

Empower yourself to freedom and mastery - true self belief, self trust, self worth, personal value and self love as you embed these practices into the fabric of your life.

Coaching packages

with Sonia McIndoe

6 weeks
individual coaching

Six one hour one-on-one sessions with Sonia McIndoe via Zoom etc anywhere in New Zealand

Sessions can be spread over 8 weeks

$1000 + GST

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4 months
individual coaching

Sixteen one hour one-on-one sessions with Sonia McIndoe via Zoom etc anywhere in New Zealand

Sessions can be spread over 4-6 months

Payment plans available OR pay upfront
and get a 17th session FREE

$2500 + GST

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About me

I specialise in the mind body soul connection to empower you on your bariatric weight management journey.

It's true to say that I eat, breathe and live bariatric.

I'm over nine years post-op and nearly 20 years recovered from alcohol. I do say recovered because I'm never going there again.

I believe in very much intuitive eating and following not so much the bariatric principles to the letter, but living them as much as I can with memory making moments, so that I don't feel like I'm living my life on a diet.

Now I am living a new lifestyle, which I really, really do love and I'm able to maintain my healthy weight. I want to share how I do that with you.


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"I watched a post on Facebook of Sonia and after the first minute, I knew I needed this amazing person in my life. 

I was feeling overwhelmed with life, so I reached out to Sonia to work one on one with her. Sonia made me realise I am worthy to spend time on myself and she has taught me the most amazing tools and given me the empowerment to live the life I want to live. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be forever grateful for what you have given me."



Sonia McIndoe bariatric weight loss coach smiling and laughing as she talks on her mobile phone

Join me for 
Individual coaching

"If you're ready to dive into and unpack limiting beliefs and need a bit of help with that
- let's get started.

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