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NZ Bariatric coach, Sonia McIndoe, lying on a hammock relaxing and reading a book

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Are you ready to say goodbye
to regain, emotional eating and diet culture?
I'm here for you.

Hi I'm Sonia McIndoe, Bariatric Life Coach.
I specialise in the mind body soul connection to empower you on your bariatric weight management journey.

I've been - and I'm still on - the same journey as you losing 65 kg and maintaining it, for over 9 years.

Contact me and let's start building the foundations of change you're looking for.

Before and after pictures of Sonia McIndoe showing her 65 kg weight loss through bariatric surgery 9 years ago

"If you think you might need some support
to work through some stuff
to help you move forward with your best life,
Sonia is your girl 💗"

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I too can vouch for Sonia McIndoe, not only is she an amazing human but her coaching has been life changing - for the better. 


Are you an emotional eater?

Do you eat when you're happy, sad, lonely, bored, stressed?

... or all of the above?

You can get on top of it! 
Mastery of your own mind and body starts right here

Sonia Mcindoe smiling with pineapple juice in her hand
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