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Delicious bariatric meal of salmon with green zuchinni and bright yellow and red capsicum


"8 Fundamentals for Bariatric 
Success Workshop"

Why do I eat this way?
How can I be free from
food addiction, numbing with food and diet culture?

  • Why do I KNOW what to eat for good health and nourishment yet end up eating exactly what I planned to avoid?

  • Why do I eat emotionally? Whether I'm feeling sad, bad or glad, I eat emotionally?!

  • Is food addiction actually real? Is sugar addiction real?

  • Could I really be numbing myself with food?!  

  • Is there really weight loss success WITHOUT life-long diet culture FOR ME?
    Yes there is!

Come join me, Sonia McIndoe, for my free live workshop
"8 Fundamentals for Bariatric Success".
Get the answers to these and more questions
and meet your new mindset for lifelong change.

Sonia McIndoe Bariatric Life Coach

Whether you're pre-bariatric surgery, newly post-op or further along the track
- this free workshop is the perfect place to start.

I'm on this bariatric weightloss journey too
Let me help you with the tools I've learnt based on science and psychology in my own bariatric journey from obesity to a healthier mind, body and soul.

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Find out my 8 strategies for life-long weight loss success

( for bariatric and medicated weight loss )

In this FREE live online workshop, I'll share with you my 8 easy fundamentals for my success as a bariatric for weight loss and weight maintenance.

More than theory
This is how I honestly live my life and how for the first time ever I have managed to maintain my weight for over 9 years post weight loss surgery.

These are my non negotiables and the foundations on which my journey of self awareness, self care and self love is based. 

Free for every bariatric person in NZ
I'll share with you not only what to eat - but how to eat it. I'll give you the very basics that I believe every bariatric patient needs to know for sustainable success. 

This is why I do this webinar for free 

Sonia Mcindoe, bariatric weightloss coach smiling with her dog on her lap and healthy bariatric snacks on the table in front of her
Sonia Mcindoe before and adter full body picture showing her sitting and her 65 kg weightloss maintained over the past 9 years

Food addiction and emotional eating
I’m going to talk about food addiction and emotional eating - yes these are real things and I can help you if they are real for you.  


Say goodbye to diet culture
I'll share my plan - and it’s a world away from diet culture. We didn't have this surgery to go on a diet ever again, right?! You'll learn how your body can start trusting you again. No more counting, tracking or restrictions.


Freedom from food through mind work
Join me to open your eyes on how to do the mind work - the inner work to connect your mind body and soul. So you can progress through the stages of bariatric transformation to gain freedom around food and true mastery. 

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I'm ready to stop emotional eating
and say goodbye to diet culture!

For the FREE
"8 Fundamentals for Bariatric Success" 

with Sonia McIndoe

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What are the 8 Fundamentals for weight loss?
Register for my next live workshop and find out!

How is the workshop delivered?
Your workshop is held via Zoom, so you can access my support and these valuable fundamentals from anywhere in New Zealand.

Is this workshop recorded?
The workshop is live (not recorded), so please make sure you come along! If you miss it for some reason, please register for the next free 8 Fundamentals workshop. 

"I feel a bit shy about group coaching"

There's no expectations for you to speak. You can have your camera off and just watch and listen in the background if you like! The session is confidential and not recorded.

There's huge value in participating in the discussion when you're comfortable and hearing questions from others on the same journey you are. Many of my course participants have become firm friends and found their own support tribe!

If you prefer one on one coaching, this is available via Zoom, starting with a private session on the "8 Fundamentals for Bariatric Success". Then private sessions of Mind Empowerment and Advanced Mind Empowerment to prepare you for your own tailored coaching beyond that.

Please see "Individual Coaching with Sonia McIndoe" for more information.

Can I ask Sonia a question during the live workshop?
Absolutely! That's the great thing about "lives" versus "pre-recorded". You're most welcome to ask me a question. Lots of people who are in the same bariatric boat as you will be wondering the same thing! So yes, please ask.

What support can I get meanwhile?
Join my free Facebook group, "Nourish" where gorgeous healthy recipes, handy tips and inspiration are always on the menu! 

What's next?
You know when you know, right? If my free workshop clicks with you, I'd love you to join my next group online coaching - live sessions over 12 weeks called "Mind Empowerment". 

Is it really free?
Yes! Spaces are limited per session, so please register to join me soon for your free live "8 Fundamentals for Bariatric Success". Click to register below now and I'll see you there! 


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Inspirational quote "Eat what nourishes your body. Do what nourishes your sould. Think what nourishes your  mind"
Fivw white bowls with delicious colourful chicken stirfry
Inspirational quote "Feel it all"
View from Sonias perspective sitting on a bed showing her full coffee cup, writing journal and two dogs smiling at her
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"I'd been a bit frustrated with snacking and "bad habits" sneaking back in, but I realised that even on my "worst" days, I'm still making soooo many good choices compared to my "old" life!!

I'm drinking more water, eating more protein, moving my body more, being more mindful, and "treats" are an extra couple hundred calories instead of thousands!  I need to focus more on the WINS because they're worth celebrating!!!"

Tracey Munro


Let's get started

Register for my next FREE
"8 Fundamentals" live workshop 

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