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Mind Empowerment

with Sonia McIndoe

A 12 week transformative group
coaching program with bariatric specialist Life Coach, Sonia McIndoe

Master the basics of the mind and body connection work and how to deal with thoughts and feelings.

Get the tools and techniques to stop self-sabotage.

Consists of 12 live weekly Zoom meetings with worksheets provided as needed. Sessions are recorded and able to be accessed again in future on the private facebook page for your group.

Your Mind Empowerment group is small and limited to 20 people - just the right number for discussion but also intimate enough to ensure enough time and attention for each person.

Sonia Mcindoe looking fit and healthy, smiling on a bike facing the camera

Your Mind Empowerment program covers;


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Who am I? Am I my mind, my body, my soul, or my roles in life?

Self Image Assessment plus a brief introduction to our various personalities with discussion around being introvert vs extrovert, selfish vs selfless etc.

Examining our strengths and core values. 



My proven fundamentals for bariatric weight loss success and maintenance


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What are Emotions and a deep dive into Emotional awareness.

The real emotions behind our need to self sooth with food.


Wilted flowers in a vase symbolising our self limiting beliefs

How do we end up with weight issues??

The thoughts that continually
trip us up.

How to rewire your mind for self serving not self sabotage. 


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Identifying Choice Point.

Making the value aligned choices.


A prickly cactus symbolising our own self sabotage

How to get underneath our self sabotage.

What are the triggers?

Name them, understand them and disarm them (the Trigger-Routine-Reward cycle).


Two sets of hands supporting a young tree they are about to plant together

Building positive habits.

ots of ideas on goal getting, intentions, journaling, vision boards, visual reminders, accountability and setting realistic Follow Up and Follow Through plans.


A woman in a yellow dress holding a spiky looking plant (Snake plant)

Knowing what’s important to you and your strengths are your best assets in determining your future path and plan for sustainable success. 


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Using your values and beliefs as structured foundations to ‘dare to dream & fulfil your purpose, your goals and to learn to love the skin you’re in’.

Goal setting that touches your heart, uses your mind and gives you do-able actions

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I'm in!

Course fee of $500 includes;

  •  12 weeks live small group coaching with Sonia McIndoe, Bariatric Life Coach
    specialising in weight loss and weight loss management

  • Private Facebook support group

  • Recorded sessions for future reference and access 

Sonia McIndoe, weight loss coach, walking her two dogs in the NZ bush
Mind Empowerment logo


What happens in each session?
Sonia facilitates each session, working through the topic of the evening and completing worksheets with you and your group with discussion on anything relevant to post-operative weight loss and/or weight maintenance.


Group coaching 
Sessions are primarily as a group and will at times, be broken into smaller groups for further discussion.

Implementation and reflection
Ideally, you'll implement the learnings and tools into your daily life, sharing what worked or didn't, using both the participant-only Facebook group and Zoom calls.

Private Facebook support group
Set up exclusively for your group, this is a private forum and a safe place to be honest, ask questions and not only be a bariatric patient yourself, but also a bariatric buddy and support for others. 


Recorded sessions for your future reference
All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook group so you’ll have access to this for ever. 

Got another question?
See more FAQ here or please contact Sonia for any other questions


"I want to post my grateful appreciation for Sonia McIndoe and her coaching. 

Sonia gave me skills and confidence that I see I have put in place when I look back.

I asked for help and my boss didn't think less of me. I set boundaries. And finally, I shared with my number 1 supporter how I feel about me and how I need his help to move that...that act of vulnerability was a long time coming but met with nothing but love.

Thanks again Sonia, you have helped me to make some changes that will be life giving."

"It was a ‘wake up call’ when Sonia asked me questions that guided me to my own answers and self awareness. Working with Sonia who has been there and really understands the weight loss journey, made a big difference.

I felt safe and enjoyed discovering my core values and how to use these to overcome mindless eating which was extremely valuable.

A year later I am still using these tools in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Sonia as a coach specialising in WLS. If you are considering coaching with Sonia I recommend you are ready to be honest and wanting to make real change in your
real life."

- Olivia Mitchell 

"I was embarrassed about who and how I was when I came to Sonia. I was going back to old habits and not thinking about what I was putting in my mouth and I was certainly not doing anything for me.

Coaching with Sonia enabled me to realise I was not looking after myself.

I went from not doing anything for me to prioritising my time for my health and well-being, including regular exercise that I enjoy and eating nourishing meals."


"Discover the beautiful ‘you’ inside and out... 
and the incredible life you have, that you're free to craft daily for true fulfilment"

Join me for 
Mind Empowerment 

Sonia Mcindoe bariatric coch, laighing and smiling, talking on a mobile phone
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