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Bariatric Coaching
(personal and group)         


with Sonia McIndoe

Start with my free 8 Fundamentals.
Add what support you need - right through
to one on one personal coaching with me.

Practice makes progress! 

Your journey with me starts with the free "8 Fundamentals for Bariatric Success". Then continue on any time with coaching in "Mind Empowerment" and "Advanced Mind Empowerment".

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"Loving this course, thanks Sonia, so glad I joined it!!  

I'm taking in a lot more than the last course I did last year. I think because I'm in a better place mentally and emotionally - so if anyone is having a hard time, don't give up!!  You'll soak in what you need to now, and can re-watch the videos later to get more out of them. 


My affirmations are starting to sink in - they pop into my head sometimes during the day - and I agree with them!  That's pretty cool."



"Discover the beautiful ‘you’ inside and out... 
and the incredible life you have, that you're free
to craft daily for true fulfilment"

Join me for 
Group or personal coaching 

Sonia McIndoe, weight loss coach, smiling with blue sky behind and her two fluffy dogs in her arms
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