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Sonia Mcindoe weightloss bariatic coach smiling with chocolate on her hands as she bakes in her kitchen


Sonia McIndoe

Hi I'm Sonia McIndoe, 
Bariatric Life Coach
- there's no diet culture here!

If you're ready to change the way you think,
to reprogram your mind to make real behavioural changes
that allow you to be the best you, you can be.

Then together we will build your confidence and courage
and diminish the fear, doubt and that self critic that's constantly sabotaging you.

Sonia McIndoe headshot, smiling

Just like you, I've been there...

Sonia McIndoe before and after picture in black dresses showing her 65 kg weight loss maintained over 9 years

I've walked the walk and I'm still walking today, taming my own (sugar) dragons. 9 years post Weight Loss Surgery, I've lost over half my body weight.

My life calling has been reinvented (like my health) to becoming a bariatric coach for the past 5 years.

Wherever you are on your own path to health and wellbeing, let my experience guide you too.

My name is Sonia McIndoe

I'm a fully qualified and internationally certified Life Coach using CBT, ACT, NLP, Solutions focused therapy.

I taught for 5 years at EIT where I was trained in adult teaching. I have 20 years experience in training, teaching and mentoring women in all aspects of their lives. However, I work with all genders in my bariatric coaching. 

Prior to my weight loss journey, I gained a BSc in microbiology with papers in Nutrition and Biochemistry and a post graduate in Oenology. 

Currently, I'm completing Positive Psychology through Langley Institute.

Alcohol free for 20 years, it's been a difficult road for someone who was a once a wine maker and microbiologist! I'm so happy to have helped hundreds of people on the same journey over the years. 

I work as a facilitator at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat in Ohakune for five days every fortnight. I also facilitate with Kate Berridge on a six month program called The Inner Work once a fortnight

Sonia McIndoe seated in yoga pose
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Sonia Mcindoe Bariatric Coach presenting a workshop wearing a yellow floral summer dress
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"When I started working with Sonia I was in a state of turmoil overwhelmed and anxious. I was completely unbalanced and had no idea who I was or what I was doing I was an insecure wreck suffering from ‘can’t breathe’ moments I felt like I was underwater and didn’t know which way was up. 

I needed calm and clarity and Sonia led me to it. She never ‘told me’ rather encouraged and guided me to figure things out for myself. 

Sonia gave me a place to start, breaking things down and creating a natural flow to allow me to use the tools and work with me building my confidence and enabling me to be capable and self reliant. Working with Sonia was a holistic approach.

Now I choose how I respond and how I feel. I am in control and feel balanced and calm. I am able to separate myself from others and choose how I respond to situations. I have control of my thoughts and understand myself I have purpose ‘I found me.’

Sonia has equipped me to go forward independently. Anyone considering coaching with Sonia it is an investment in yourself and its so worth while I am abundantly better off for having done this."

- Hannah Howard 

Bouquet of pink and white peonies

"I can’t recommend Sonia enough, or the retreat if you are interested.


Both are game changers for long term success. It’s not about the food, but about the why and the how.


Version 1.0 of ourselves is still there lurking in the background even though surgery has help start version 2.0 but it takes very little for the habits and ways of being from version 1.0 to creep or jump back into the current.  Some are very sneaky and subliminal, others are because we don’t know any other way of dealing with a situation i.e. overwhelming grief.


Sonia has been instrumental in showing me where version 1.0 habits appear and why and giving me the support guidance and tools to ensure I stay in the drivers seat and not that inner bitch brain who was the driver pre-op / version 1.0"

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Are you ready to rewire your mind for weight loss success?

Let's do the work!

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