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Sonia McIndoe, NZ bariatric weightloss coach, standing by a cold lake with mountains in the background wearing a blue puffer jacketr jacket

Are you worried about long-term success with your weight loss?

Weight Loss Surgery is life-changing
And mind-changing

We do the mind work together

Hi I'm Sonia McIndoe

I'm a certified Life Coach
specialising in bariatric weight loss
and weight loss management

Before and after picture of Sonia McIndoe's face looking much smaller 9 years on from her own weight loss surgery

At nine years post-op, I credit weight loss surgery with my weight loss,
but I credit doing the mind work with maintaining my weight loss...

Whether via bariatric surgery or medicated weight loss - the mind work is the same for life-long success.

Ready to start changing your relationship with food?

My FREE 8 Fundamentals live workshop is for you!

(turn sound on for video please)

Discover the 8 Fundamentals for success in your weight loss journey. 
Relevant real-life strategies for both bariatric and medicated weight loss patients.

Join this FREE live session with Sonia McIndoe

Leave diet culture, shame and guilt
behind forever

The truth is....

Mind Empowerment diamond shaped logo

Weight loss success is more about how you nourish yourself off your plate than on it!!

Mind Empowerment diamond shaped logo

It’s not about the food, it's about WHY you want to emotionally eat!

Mind Empowerment diamond shaped logo

Weight loss surgery is for weight loss. The mind work is for long term weight loss and maintenance success. 

Sonia McIndoe smiling with a cup of coffee in her hand and  her two dogs on her lap

Together, we'll get to the bottom of why, how and when you eat and create a new pattern.

Sonia McIndoe, bariatric coach, walking on the edge of the water at the beach with jeans rolled up.

We didn't have this
surgery to ever
"go on a diet" again!

Mind Empowerment diamond shaped logo

Step by step...
we're on this journey together

Mind Empowerment diamond shaped logo
Mind Empowerment diamond shaped logo

Learn new ways to get to your weight loss goals (and maintain your weight)
With small easy changes, mindset changes and sometimes mind blowing "light bulbs" - I'll help you find those missing puzzle pieces for success that you've never found before. 

Find your tribe
Connect with like-minded people and find your support system. Especially if you had surgery overseas or find it hard to meet other bariatrics in your local area.

It's free to get started
My first live workshop "8 Fundamentals for Success" is free, yet gives you huge value. You can do just the free workshop - or if you love what you learn - continue on to the next group coaching stage, "Mind Empowerment". 

I'll share my proven strategies
for success with you

Coming up 9 years post weight loss surgery, I’ve maintained my 65kgs loss.

Now I'm paying it forward, sharing the tools, strategies and techniques I learned along the way to empower YOU for long term sustainable success.

Before and after full length picture of Sonia McIndoe showing her original body size and body size today 65 kg lighter and 9 years after her weight loss surgery
Image by OhTilly

"I had the opportunity to work with Sonia and Mind Empowerment and the course helped me change my relationship with myself, my self love and my values in life and how to embrace myself for future emotional challenges.

I highly recommend Sonia and Mind Empowerment with Sonia - so worth doing it!"


Dr Marleen Julyan

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Five bowls of yummy looking baritric food, stirfry chicken with brocolli, carrot, capsicum, and red onion
Inspirational image with beautiful foliage saying "Feel it all"
A journalling prompt asking "what are my top three unhealthy habits I need to change?"
Very yummy looking chia pot recipe in a glass with cacoo, yoghurt, nuts and chia
A delicious bariatric friendly platter of mango and chicken salad on spinach and sprouts

Are you an emotional eater?

Do you eat when you're happy, sad, lonely, bored or stressed?

... or all of the above?

You can get on top of it! 
Mastery of your own mind and body starts right here

Join me for my next free live online workshop

Sonia McIndoe smiling at the camera with her hand on her cheek and other hand holding a yellow clear tropical looking drink with a pineapple piece on the edge of the glass as decoration
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