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"Advanced  Mind Empowerment"
5 month group coaching

with Sonia McIndoe

Let's dive deeper with
advanced workshops 

ADVANCED Mind Empowerment Group Coaching 


This is a 5 month group coaching program, with fortnightly group Zooms. Participants must have completed Mind Empowerment 12 week group coaching program. 

The coaching program comes with a corresponding private Facebook group for recordings and support. 


You'll work between sessions with a buddy from the group and there will be quick catch ups to ensure the ‘work’ is working for you. 


Your Advanced Mind Empowerment program covers;


Blue butterfly on green leaf

A check in on how well you are really doing on the physical, emotional and mind basics needed for success on our WLS journey


Blue butterfly on yellow flower

The difference between a growth and a stuck mindset.

How to cultivate a growth mindset and utilise tools you may have forgotten as well as link your mindset to your core beliefs.


Blue butterfly on blue teal background

How to get out of your own way and step in to the drivers seat of your WLS journey.

Unpacking the bullshit and getting honest about what it takes to move forward. 🩷


Irridescent blue butterfly on blue background

The people, places and things that trigger us, including ourselves!

How to establish good boundaries.

How to uphold boundaries without stomping all over everyone and burning bridges 


Purple butterfly on yellow flower - Image by Erik Karits

What is it really?

Who, How and Why.


Letting go of the past to truly move forward with ease and freedom 


Blue butterfly on white flower and green background - Image by Erik Karits

How to navigate our own emotions.

Revise your tool box and add a few new tools 


Ornage butterfly on white daisies with blue background - image by Sagar Kulkarni

We are complex, connection of our mind body and soul requires us to delve deeper into how emotions work together - so we can connect the ones that serve us and disconnect the ones that don’t 


Blue butterfly with orange spots on a pink flower - Image by Joshua J. Cotten

As well as our emotions deliberately enhancing the feel good hormones, it's logical for our mind body soul connection to empower us. 

You'll get an understanding of how our hormones work and some practical ways to hack them 


Orange monarch butterfly held gently in two hands - Image by David Clode

Self worth, self value, self esteem, self belief and self trust - elicit your plan to grow them all 


Flower illustration
Flower illustration
Orange butterfly with black spots on a sunshine gold foliage background - Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Internal motivation and true power vs external validation and forcing yourself.

Finalise your personal plan and accountabilities to step into your future without battling food and regain 

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I'm in!

Course fee of $750 includes; 

  •  10 weeks live small group coaching with Sonia McIndoe, Bariatric Life Coach
    specialising in weight loss and weight loss management

  • Private Facebook support group

  • Recorded sessions for future reference and access 

    (payment plan available on request)

Sonia McIndoe smiling and laughing as she talks on her mobile phone

Join me for 
Advanced Mind Empowerment 

"Let's go even deeper.
I have a lot more to share with you!"

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